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    05.12.20 um 14:09

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    Mein Geschlecht: weiblich
    Ich komme aus:7573 (PLZ)
    Sternzeichen:Stier (21.04.-20.05.)
    Mein Alter:26-30 Jahre
    Gewicht:61-70 kg
    Körpergrösse:164 cm
    Ich bin (Neigung):Devot
    Ich stehe auf:Latexbasics
    Peitsche, Gerte & Co
    Dickes Latex
    Ich möchte:Bekannte / Freundschaft
    Feste Beziehung
    Bei Sympathie auch mehr
    Über mich und meine Person (Suche, Wünsche, Ziele etc.):
    I joined this site mainly to find a Master who is into the extremes of rubber fetishism. Ever since I started researching BDSM literature and related artwork in my mid teens, I have had an overwhelming fascination with the most bizarre and perverse stories and pieces of art among them. Often times the submissive women in these stories and pieces of art would be depicted in freakish fetish attire that almost always consisted of multiple layers of rubber and.or latex with their holes being rubber lined as well, huge plugs in all 3 holes that almost always left her holes gaping when removed, and the most unusual hood, gag, and restraint combinations imaginable. In more extreme versions, these fantasies also sometimes included mental conditioning to the point where she can't think as a human anymore, and body modifications that either exaggerated her sexual features or made her look even more strange.

    The more I researched this kink of mine, the more I discovered why it was that I enjoyed it, and just how deep it ran through my being. For me, being a rubberdoll has always been about the loss of identity and complete objectification of oneself. These are both special for me because I have always been a socially awkward person. In the real world, I often times find myself struggling to make sense of everything and worrying about things that are meaningless by the end of the day. I suppose you could say it seems like life is just passing me by and I am so distracted by all of lifes daily struggles that I can't focus on finding pleasure and purpose in life. This is where the hood comes into play because when I am shrouded in darkness and forced to be alone with my thoughts, I feel comfortable enough to trust my owner and focus on the tasks at hand rather than the stuff that shouldn't bother me.

    Rather than worry about going out in public and trying to be the type of person everyone expects me to be, I find it much easier to be restricted and deprived all of my senses so the only things I think about are when I might be used next, and/or whatever instructions my owner has given me for the day. After all, it's much easier to be a squirming rubber toy than to be a human being burdened with social anxiety, depression, and a ton of stress. While I may technically be a living human being under all the layers of rubber and fetish hood, my owner sees me as an inanimate object that simply simulates being alive when it is being played with or after given instructions. In his eyes, I am more akin to a toy that one can turn on and off, not a human being capable of independent thought, love, or pain.

    The loss of identity that comes with this lifestyle is probably the most important factor for me. We all struggle with our own troubles and insecurities in life, and I am certainly no different as I have struggled with my weight for the past several years. No I am not 300 lbs, but I am not 100 either. I am more along the lines of 170 for those of you who are curious. The loss of identity that comes with being a rubberdoll takes these insecurities away completely. The hood acts as my new face that is devoid of expression, the rubber layers act as my new skin that is simply flawless. I can hide from the ugliness of myself and live a life that is free of the false need to impress others, because the image staring back at me in the mirror wouldn't be human at all. Instead, I will look more like a rubber alien with nothing that gives away my previous identity.

    With that being said, I have come to this site to find a Master who understands my plight and my need to lose myself in a new body. I envision being kept in thick layers of head to toe rubber with an unusual rubber hood or mask to match. Perhaps one with big fish eye lenses to distort my vision, with ample room for some quality headphones that can either play static white noise or repeated phrases and/or sex sounds. Another thing that could be added later is a VR headset of some sort to brainwash me with pornographic videos.

    In the perfect scenario this rubber suit would have some sort of speech to text function that will allow me to read what my owner is saying on a screen while the headphones prevent me from ever hearing his voice directly. Additionally, it would be nice if I can reply with a similar feature that translates my voice into text on the outside of my suit, or a LED system where I can somehow light up a green light for yes and a red one for no. The reasoning for stuff like this is to take all the humanity out of my life forever. I will be isolated and kept subservient to his will, while I will also be able to break these mortal bonds and live with a sense of true purpose, just as every other object in the world is built with it's intended purpose.

    I also would like to see a posture collar and/or shock collar to be implemented to assist in displaying myself and proper obedience training, a tight and restrictive corset to be used in waist trimming, ballet boots with stiletto heels to bring a sense of grace to my form, and of course plugs inserted into all of my holes when not in use. If the Dominant is skilled enough and I feel comfortable, I may also decide to try some type of breathing machine or other devices to automate and control m basic bodily functions. If I get to the point where I totally trust my Owner, body modifications may become a reality.

    I would strongly prefer I am kept at home and not work so that I can focus on this life entirely. You can walk me in public or take me to fetish events, but I always want to be in my rubber suit as much as possible. I will however have no problem being made into a drone that you can program all the house chores such as cleaning, cooking, etc.. into, while you are still free to take advantage of me whenever you want. Either that, or you can keep me restrained and laying in poses for hours, days, weeks at a time like a lifeless doll waiting to be used.

    Of course I know that 24/7 rubber encasement isn't possible since I will need to be let out for my skin to breathe and stay healthy. During this time though, I simply request that I be put to sleep and/or kept blindfolded and tightly restrained. While I may need to go in cool down mode at times, there is no reason that my role as "living" inanimate object can't continue. Being put to sleep while my skin is airing out and not being able to hear my Owners voice ever is very important for me. Mainly because I want the full experience this lifestyle can provide. Meaning that I don't care how old you are, what you look like, your passion for training me is all that matters. The way I look at it is a toy or robot never truly is aware of who owns it so neither should I.

    Oh and one last thing, about my weight issue, I am open and actually prefer an Owner who will strictly regulate my food intake and starve me if necessary for certain amounts of time. Likewise, they can also change anything else about my body they don't like. I want them to help me become a more attractive option for them because I believe I have a rather unique mind that is being wasted in a body like this. I always say that a mindset is harder to change than someones outside form.

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