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    Vex Clothing (USA)
    Vex Clothing (USA)

    Over the last two decades, Vex has created countless handmade latex pieces and have transformed our clients. We have had the opportunity to see our clients unleash themselves. There is no greater feeling than seeing the right person discover latex. Witnessing the moment that latex elevates their style, and experiencing the unpredictability and uniqueness of them styling Vex pieces to their individuality. It’s always stunning!

    Vex style is fashion with a hint of fetish. Our pieces are elegant and sexy at once, blending the classic with irresistible allure. Each Vex piece is made with timelessness in mind: with the proper care, it is forever captivating.

    Our mission with Vex is simple, but not small: create handmade, exceptional work with a personal touch. From the quality materials I use to the handwritten note Laura includes in each package, each step of the process is inspired by a dedication to quality and to the moments of personal discovery Vex pieces inspire.

    Latex is the most sensual fabric, it transforms your body and your mind. The look, feel, taste and smell is like no other.


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    Am: 16.04.2021
    Erstellt von: XXXXXX [Kontaktieren]

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