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Gruppenbezeichnung: "Bayerische gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz - Alltagstaugliche Latexmode"
Beschreibung:GetTogether. This group is just a promotion of the Meet&Greet of the young latex community in MUC". The currently (2021) applicable Corona contact restrictions are met. I highly recommend the "GetTogether", but I'm not organizing their events. Do not contact me or request to attend here. It's not an active latexzentrale-group. If you would like to attend or have any questions, get in contact with the "Administratoren" of GetTogether:

" Latex Stammtisch München "

🌱 Age: Around 20 to 40 years (06/2021). 18+ Meet&Greet in a fashionable atmosphere.

🏞 Activities, culture, restaurants & bars, exchange & connecting with other people in a small, cozy group

🗓 Official GetTogether: every 3 to 6 weeks, timely annoncement for subscribers in the newsletter channel - join 'latexmode'!

📍 Location: Munich area, no public annoncement ( see Contact )

💬 Things to talk about: Everything that interests you - even if you are new to the latexfashion world and have nothing to say about that specific topic! English and German are both fine!
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Gegründet am:07.06.21
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