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    A-D-Atelier (Australien)
    A-D-Atelier (Australien)

    Art Studio founded in 2016, A-D-Atelier is a creative space of thoughtfully curated photography and latex fashion.

    With boundless creativity and exclusive designs our aim is to normalise latex fetish positivity and inclusivity towards and of our community.

    With the unique, stimulating qualities of latex we hope to inspire individuality and confidence.

    The Collection is designed and handmade in Australia.


    Before starting A-D-Atelier, Allan primarily was known for his work in fine art photography where he produced generative and minimalist photographic works and occasional work in high end fashion photography. An alumnus of The University of Newcastle and the Bauhaus School in Germany.

    A-D-Atelier came about as Allan felt there was a need to produce latex, fetish and bdsm art that removed not only the stigma but as he saw it, a way to empower women and to make latex, fetish and bdsm tasteful and above all else, respectful towards women.

    After initially being introduced by an early collaborator to A-D-Atelier to purely model, Lily has come on board as a creative partner to A-D-Atelier after common ideas and goals were aligned with the project.

    Being a sex-positive, feminist artist herself and being a student at both University of Newcastle and the Bauhaus. Embracing the concept of A D ATELIER with the achievement in which to remove the stigmatism of latex/fetish/bdsm by making it more accessible, normalised and appreciated artistically.

    in 2021 Jasmine joined the A-D-Atelier team initially as a model mesmerised by the art and curious to know more about the world of fetish and latex. Soon enough inspiration took over and creative contributions were flowing.

    With a diploma in Fashion Design and a deep appreciation for the concept behind A-D-Atelier, she became an important team member in the role of fashion designer and creative director.


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    Am: 05.06.2023
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