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    ACQUO BOOTS (Schweden)
    ACQUO BOOTS (Schweden)

    ACQUO – a fashion fairytale comes true

    The legendary Swedish rubber Acquo Boots were originally created in the 70’s, when an experienced rubber and plastics manufacturer, Mr Sjöstrand of Sweden, decided it was time to create beautiful rubber boots of the highest quality for women. ACQUO boots were worn extensively by women in London, Stockholm and many other capitals of the world.

    Mr Sjöstrand contacted the Tretorn rubber manufacturing establishment in the south of Sweden, who were at that time famous for everyday rubber boots and other rubber products.

    Now branded as Acquo Boots, the new boots quickly rose to fame and became very popular. They were sold in Sweden and England during the 70’s. However, Mr Sjöstrand, being a successful businessman in many areas, had to concentrate on his main output, women’s clothing, and the Acquo boots were discontinued after a few years.

    The years went by and the fame of the beautiful Swedish Acquo boots from the 70’s became legend. Their quality had stood the test of time, boots purchased in the 70’s were still as soft and smooth as new. Customers thought, and hoped, what if they could be manufactured again?

    In 2010, Jessica Lingonstierna of Sweden met with Mr Sjöstrand. When she saw the remaining stock of the Acquo boots an idea started to take form. Jessica resolved that one day she would start making Acquo boots and sell them again.

    After carefully investigating the market, and with support from Mr Sjöstrand, now almost 90 years old, the time had come.

    After a long process of finding a manufacturer who would always hold to the highest of standards, the manufacturing of the boots commenced again. The company “Acquo of Sweden” was formed.

    In May 2016 the web store was fully operational and orders came in quickly from all parts of the world, and now, with further expansion at Acquo to meet demand, we are seeing history in the making.

    Once again women of the world have the opportunity to wear the world’s most fashionable, luxurious and sensual high rubber boots, black and shiny, in a full range of shaft heights and heels. To confidently stride through life, to wear them at any time, on any and every occasion, in sunshine, or in rain, on summer evenings, or on romantic snowy wintry walks. Acquo Boots will never let you down.

    From Sweden to you with love ♥


    Link: Nicht sichtbar? Hier klicken

    Reales Geschäft (Ort): Norrköping, Ein anderes Land [Googlemaps]
    Am: 27.02.2017
    Erstellt von: XXXXXX [Kontaktieren]

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