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    Dead Lotus Couture (Großbritannien)
    Dead Lotus Couture (Großbritannien)

    Welcome to Dead Lotus Couture's world

    At Dead Lotus Couture we are obsessed with creating elegant and edgy fashion art that inspires and empowers anyone who wants to express their personality on any occasion – from day-time to night-time to show-time.

    Dead Lotus Couture produces beautiful, handcrafted, Bespoke or Ready to Wear Latex and Fabric/Latex Designs.

    Our mission is to change the narrative within the fashion industry by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering anyone that unapologetically seeks confidence and beauty in their own brave way.

    We make our goal to fight stereotypes and discrimination.

    We aim for an all inclusive world while working for equality, inclusivity and sustainability.

    Become a part of our movement! keep up with our work and what's happening in Dead Lotus Couture's world by subscribing to our newsletter.

    Driven by the personality, passion and creative energy of the fashion designer Nange Magro, the label promotes individuality, open-mindedness and acceptance, while challenging societal conventions and pre-conceptions. Elegant sexy original garments and accessories inspired by unexpected sources from culture, sub-culture and art are crafted with an unrivalled attention to detail and workmanship, applying true innovations in materials and functionality.

    Each item is handmade and specifically designed to accentuate your body's shape at its best. We call it Body Shaping Design.

    Link: Nicht sichtbar? Hier klicken

    Am: 08.05.2023
    Erstellt von: XXXXXX [Kontaktieren]

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