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    E7 Gear (USA)
    E7 Gear (USA)

    We are delighted to provide you with a broad collection of rubber gear.
    All of our latex materials are imported from the best latex manufacturers in the United Kingdom including Four D Rubber.

    Most of our clothing line is made on Supatex.
    Supatex is a Natural Latex Rubber in sheet form manufactured by 4D.

    It is a high end rubber with a unique suede like texture on the inside and we import this great quality latex from the UK.
    Our heavier gauge rubber makes us different than other companies around the globe.

    The search has ended...
    What makes us different:

    Latex thickness: The industry standard for latex has been 17 gauge (0.45mm). At E7 GEAR we offer our standard and most demanded latex thickness 25 gauge (0.55mm). We also carry a large variety of thicker rubber like 30 gauge (0.65mm), 40 gauge (0.95mm), 45 gauge (1.05mm) in order to please our most demanding Rubberists without excluding a light weight latex that may be more comfortable for customers who reside in a warm weather environment. We have been told by our suppliers that our heavier gauge makes us different than other companies around the globe.

    Our craftsmanship: Every E7 piece is carefully handcrafted and one of our key features is the hem on all of our tops and bottoms, with special attention to the hem in our long sleeve shirts and pants.

    Glues used: After a long research, an international company has developed a super strong hold glue that is compatible with our natural latex rubber sheets.

    Hardware used: Our YKK zippers, snaps, buckles and other hardware are specially designed to meet our needs. We even carry Real Nickel Teeth zippers.

    Link: Nicht sichtbar? Hier klicken

    Am: 15.05.2023
    Erstellt von: XXXXXX [Kontaktieren]

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